Frequently Asked Questions

01. What advantages does Two Rivers Software Training offer over other training providers?

02. What support is offered?

03. What do we need to provide?

04. What is the maximum group capacity?

05. Where can I find a course schedule?

06. How long does the training take and what time do you start and finish?

07. Where is Two Rivers Software Training based?

08. Do you run courses at a training centre that I could attend?

09. It's just me. Can I get some private tuition?

10. It's just me. Can I join a class?

11. A number of staff in our organisation need training? How does that work?

12. Do I/we get a training manual to keep?

13. Do I/we get a certificate?

14. Do you have any examples that I/we can practice on?

15. Is there a test / exam / assessment at the end of the course?

16. Should I bring a notepad to take notes?

17. I'm not sure what level I'm at. How can I find out?

18. How much does a course cost? Do you have a price list? Are some courses more expensive than others? 

19. What guarantee do you have that the training will be effective and get results?

20. Do you have any online training I could do in my own time?

21. What geographical areas do you cover? How far will you come to see us?

22. What if I'm the slowest person in the room? Will I be left behind?

23.  if I'm the fastest person in the room? Will I be left twiddling my thumbs while everybody else catches up?

24. Can you customise a course just for me/us?

25. What are your instructors like? What experience, qualifications and people skills do they have?, 

26. We have a large training requirement? Can we discuss this directly with you?

27. Can I purchase just a training manual?

28. I'm ready to book a course. What now?

29. What are your payment terms?

30. What payment methods are accepted?

31. Do you offer payment plans or instalments?

32. What if I/we need to postpone or cancel training?