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I Fix Documents

Let me completely transform your quirky, misbehaving, badly-formatted and weirdly-numbered documents. I promise to take the stress off your shoulders and free up your time by giving your document a professional makeover. When I'm done you'll hardly recognise it. Everything will be working as it should.

It's going to look fantastic and hum along like a brand-new, cherry-red Mustang. Those months of going around in circles and cursing Microsoft end today. And you know, it's quite possible that you could be holding your finished document in your hands as soon as today, thanks to the Document Doctor.

The Document Doctor can fix any document, whatever state its in

Is your document driving you nuts? Here is how I can help:

Consistent, professional formatting. If your document looks like it's been through 15 pairs of hands, each with a "my bit my way" approach, I will deploy a fresh, unified styleset.

Self-updating numbering. If your multilevel numbering is out of step and behaves weirdly when changes are made, I'll get everything straightened out and working on autopilot.

Well structured. I'll ensure that your page setup, headers and footers, chapters, sections, page numbers, table of contents, index, fields etc. are set up exactly the way you want.

The Document Doctor can handle your books, training manuals, guides, legal precedents and other documentation, contracts, templates, booklets etc., whatever size, small or large. 

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