Microsoft Access Courses: Simplifying database design
Microsoft Access Courses

Microsoft Access Courses

Design & Maintain Databases The Right Way 

Beginners Access Course + Optional Workshop (1+1 Day)

If you would like to understand the process of setting up a simple database from scratch and learn the core skills of good database design, then this beginners Microsoft Access course is perfect for you.

You will learn​

  • the fundamentals of database theory and design concepts
  • how to design and create tables (for your data - 80% of your eventual development time will be spent on this step)
  • how to design and build queries (to filter, consolidate or manipulate the data)
  • how to design forms (for data entry) and
  • how to organise reports (to print your data in a presentable way).

We offer a second optional day where the trainer will help you apply the theory and workshop with you to build the framework of your own database.

Bring along all your ideas, existing paper forms, spreadsheets and a list of requirements for your new database and together we'll produce a database design (one that will hold up over time) and you'll walk away with all the fundamental elements of your database in place.

All that's left for you to do over the following days and weeks is add some flesh to your skeleton by populating your database tables with some data etc.

Click here for full details of the Beginners Access course.

Advanced Access Course (1 Day)

This advanced Access course is designed for experienced Access users who need to learn advanced concepts to handle multi-user environments, security principles and how to customise and integrate the Access interface. This course is suitable for anybody considering a move into Database Administration.

Click here for full details of the advanced Access course .