Computer training in Microsoft Office | Excel, Word and more

Yes, training is still available, but is being delivered differently due to the Covid-19 restictions

Microsoft Office Training Delivered by Zoom 

We help job seekers and stay-at-home Mums and Dads to develop the skills and confidence to get back into the workforce, small business owners to leverage the power of the Microsoft programs to maximise productivity and large organisations to dramatically improve the effectiveness and value of their staff, boosting profits and slashing the time spent on daily tasks

What Could The Right Training Do For You?

Computer training classes and courses that focus on your needs

Collect your staff together in a board room or individually at home and receive virtual training via Zoom

How does Zoom work for groups?

Onsite Computer Training

(for corporate groups of up 2+)

When even the 'go to guru' has thrown in the towel ...

Our friendly expert instructors will quickly bring you up-to-speed and catapult your collective skill set to new heights.

Corporate training delivered via Zoom is more efficient and cost effective than training people individually or sending them to a training centre (when they were open).

Participants can meet together in the board room (subject to distancing restrictions) or individually at home. 

The trainer can share their screen and talk to the group, just like a normal conversaton. Participants can ask questions. Even though the training is not in-person, it can still be interactive.

One on one private computer tuition

Now delivered digitally, either live or pre-packaged.
Learn from home, whether self-isolating or not!

How does Zoom work for individuals?

One-on-One Computer Training

(private tuition for individuals)

Don't let weak computer skills hold you back any longer.

1-on-1 coaching is the most effective training you can do.

With an expert on your screen, you can ask anything and get answers to every question that's been been niggling you for ages.

The entire training is tailored to YOU. The trainer can work with your own files if you want. Work at your own pace and focus on what YOU want to learn.

You'll soon be blasting through your sticking points and you'll never look back.

Computer training classes and courses that focus on your needs

Suspended until further notice


(Also known as 'Roving Trainer' or 'Floor Walker')

This is the perfect solution when you don't have time to attend a course, or if staff members are at different levels or have different questions.

A Microsoft expert will be on hand at your office for the duration of their visit. They sit with each person, one-on-one to troubleshoot and resolve issues, offer advice and maybe give some individual training.

If you just want something done without any loose ends, we can build or fix something for you and explain how it all works.

Some people might only need a few minutes, others may require an hour or two. You can decide whether to allocate each member of staff an approximate time slot or just let it play out on the day.

'Done-for-you' or 'Done-with-you' consulting gets the job done quickly with no loose ends

Consulting is still available


('Done-for-you' or 'Done-with-you'. You choose.)

If you just need something done without investing a lot of hours in researching and endlessly experimenting until you reach your desired goal, then we can help.

From Excel spreadsheets and Word templates to databases and slick PowerPoints, our expert team will deliver the finished product in a fraction of the time ensuring you meet your deadlines and maintain your high standards.

'Done-with-you' means we work together to develop what you require, explaining the process en-route. Normally this is done in-person but during the Covid-19 restrictions, it is done via Zoom.

'Done-for-you' means we work remotely, developing the goods, and only checking in with you when we need clarification. This means you are freed up to work on other activities. We will record a video and/or make detailed notes to explain everything.


We meet privately on Zoom

It's currently the best way to get Microsoft training.


Training manuals

Best-in-class training manuals are available online to course participants.


Laptops provided free

We provide laptops for each participant and bring a projector, extension cables etc.


Practice files & solutions

The best way to really move forward is to learn how it's done then practise, practise, practise.


You choose the day and time

Select the day and time of your training. Monday to Friday 6am to 9pm (AEST) and Saturdays 7am to 3pm (AEST)


Free ongoing support

If you get stuck or have questions, you can contact us tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year. Lifetime support.

Here's what others had to say

David Bayley


I slashed 17 hours from my workload in the very first week!

After screwing up a key document, we embarrassed ourselves and lost an important tender. Despite our busy schedule we approached Two Rivers for some guidance and direction.

The advice was eye opening. The ideas were so practical and broken down in such a way that we were able to implement them straight away. I personally slashed around 17 hours from my workload in the very first week.

This is one of the best investments we've made all year. Clearly this training is going to pay for itself many times over.

​​​​David Bayley Aspect Engineering


Darren Springer

Gold Coast, QLD

I spent a whole day searching Google for a solution to an Excel problem. I rang Jason and my problem was sorted within 5 minutes. It's outstanding service, to have someone so knowledgeable when all else has failed.


John Boyd

Sunshine Coast, QLD

I really appreciated the time and tolerance taken for a beginner like myself. The course was easy to understand and digest. The instructor had a wide knowledge of his subject area and was professional, friendly and easy-going.


Julie O'Farrell

Brisbane, QLD

It's like I've been in a dark room and someone just switched the lights on. I learnt more in a few hours than I had in several years.


Robyn Atkinson

Brisbane, QLD

A clear cut above previous training I've attended. Heaps of great tips & learnt more than expected! Fantastic trainer. Thanks.