Which of these computer courses
 is right for you?

Microsoft Excel Courses

Microsoft Excel Courses

Unleash the power of the world's most popular spreadsheet program. Discover how to create formulas (that work!), charts and pivot tables.

Discover how to analyse your data, format like a pro and produce spectacular reports.

Microsoft Word Courses

Microsoft Word Courses

Discover how to use Microsoft Word to create everything from a simple one page letter to quarterly reports or full-blown training manuals, operations guides or other company documentation.

Learn how to best present your text and use fantastic tools like tables, graphics, indexes and tables of contents.

Microsoft PowerPoint Courses

Microsoft PowerPoint Course

Design your next presentation to be electrifying and deliver the knockout punch.

Using an array of graphic tools, masters, animations, transitions and set up options, you'll learn to design vibrant slides that capture your audience's attention and ignite their imagination.

Microsoft Outlook Courses

Microsoft Outlook Course

Outlook is the default choice for organisations across the globe. But it offers so much more than just email.

You can also maintain a central list of contacts, set up meetings and appointments and organise your tasks - not just for yourself - but by collaborating with your team.

Basic Microsoft Computer Courses

Computers For The Terrified

(Absolute Beginners Course)

If you're completely new to computers, this computer course for beginners will get you up-and-running. It cuts through all the terminology and explains in simple terms how computers work.

Microsoft Publisher Courses

Microsoft Publisher Course

(Express DTP Course)

Produce attractive flyers, posters, business cards, newsletters and other publications (whether business or personal) using Microsoft's easy-to-use desktop publishing program.

Microsoft Access Courses

Microsoft Access Courses

We're sorry, but we no longer run Microsoft Access courses. Here's why

Microsoft Project Courses

Microsoft Project Course

We're sorry, but we no longer run Microsoft Project courses. Here's why