My name is Jason Morrell. Submit project and I will build, fix or complete it for you

Hi I'm Jason. 

If you don't know me yet, let me give you a snapshot. I have been helping individuals and businesses extract the most from the Microsoft Office suite for most of this century. Many times I'm the guy they sneak in the back door to fix up botched jobs, beat deadlines and save the day. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), I offer free training on my Youtube channel and blog and paid training and coaching through my membership. Married to Kerry-Ann for 23 years, we have 4 kids (the eldest with profound autism) and we live on the Gold Coast, Australia.  

I am here to help you build, fix or complete your project.


Please read through all the information in this section first. Then if if you believe this is something you would benefit from, follow the steps laid out below.


Submit Project

Click the Reach Out button above to submit your project and provide some clear instructions about what you need. Do not write a thesis but provide enough detail for me to get a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve. If you are able, attach any relevant files (or a sample with sensitive info removed). 

Whether I can help you or not, I will be in touch.


I will contact you

If I am able and available to help:

For short projects (1 to 2 hours), we can meet on Zoom or Teams and work through the sticking points one by one. A fresh set of eyes and new ideas will get you to the finish line. Alternatively, I can undertake the work for you and hand it back for review. You only pay on completion, if you are 100% satisfied.

For longer projects (3 to 100+ hours), I will email you or schedule a short Zoom/Teams meeting with you to clarify the details, remove any ambiguity and lock down your specific requirements and scope.


I will provide you with an estimate


I will provide you a written estimate of how long I think the project will take and the associated cost.

Preferential rates will be given for longer projects. The price includes GST, if you reside in Australia and a tax invoice will always be provided.

I will also provide a fixed (capped) price for the project, which means that if I exceed my time estimate, it's on me and you won't be charged a cent more.

If I finish sooner than I estimated, you only pay for the actual time I invested.

You get the best deal, whichever way it falls.

The capped price will be divided into 3 equal instalments.


  • The first instalment is required prior to commencement of the project. 
  • The second instalment is required at the halfway point.
  • The third instalment (or the balance if I finish sooner, whichever is less) is required on completion.

Remember, what takes me an hour or two might take you several days or weeks! Save yourself hours of fruitless Googling, dead ends and the endless cycle of frustration you've probably already been through!

I'm not actually motivated by money, even though I have bills to pay, just like you. I will always round time and costs down in your favour. What gets my juices flowing is using the skills I've been given to help others and see the delight, amazement and gratitude that often follows.

You'll discover I'm very direct. My yes means yes, and my no means no. I won't mess you around and I will go that extra mile. I hope we'll be a good match.


You pay the first instalment



I begin the project


I will communicate with you as often as necessary to update you on progress, ask clarifying questions or write explanatory notes on how or why I did something.


Half way. You pay the second instalment



Complete the project, sign off
& pay the final instalment


You review the final product. I will make any final revisions you ask for (within the agreed scope). You then make final payment once you are completely satisfied.

If the scope of the project expands, i.e. as the project progresses you ask for more things to be done, then the written agreement, the estimated time of completion and and associated costs will need to be revised and agreed. 

If you pull the pin prior to completion, any outstanding hours worked must be paid for.