Computers For The Terrified

Duration: 1 day


If you're completely new to computers, this computer course for beginners will get you up-and-running. It cuts through all the terminology and explains in simple terms how computers work.

This course is a good precursor to other introduction courses like Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint.


Overview of Windows

      • What are Windows?
      • Finding your way around the screen
      • Identifying the desktop, icons, mouse, task bar, start button, start menu, system tray, and the recycle bin

Using The Mouse

      • Learning how to use the left button, right button and the mouse wheel.
      • Knowing when to single-click and double-click
      • Using click-and-drag (a.k.a. drag and drop)


      • Accessing Windows Help
      • Searching by topic
      • Searching by keyword

Working With Apps (programs)

      • Opening and closing a program
      • Using the Start menu
      • Using the task bar
      • Using desktop icons
      • Working with more than one program
      • Switching between programs
      • Using Cortana to find a program

Working With Windows

      • Maximising, minimising, restoring and closing a window
      • Resizing and moving a window
      • Using the Show Desktop feature

Dialog Boxes

      • What is a dialog box?
      • Using tabbed pages, text boxes, drop-down lists, option buttons, tick boxes, spinner buttons and scroll bars.

Basic Editing

      • Un-do and Re-do
      • Cut, copy and paste
      • Simple Word formatting
      • Printing your work

Working With Files & Folders

      • Using Windows Explorer
      • Understanding disk drives and drive letters
      • Places to store and retrieve data
      • Changing the view
      • Understanding different file types
      • Understanding folder structures
      • Opening and closing a folder
      • Navigating through folders
      • Selecting, opening and closing files
      • Creating and saving files
      • Renaming and deleting files
      • Moving and copying files
      • Finding files

The Basics Of Exploring The Internet

      • ‚ÄčA quick look at some useful sites like Google search, Google maps and Youtube - or anything else that is of interest to the participant(s)
      • How to search
      • How to navigate a web page
      • How to bookmark a favourite website

Closing Your Computer Safely

      • Shut down
      • Restart
      • Log Off
      • Switch to another user
      • Standby

Customising The Desktop

      • Moving the desktop icons
      • Adding and removing desktop shortcuts
      • Adding and removing Start menu items
      • Changing the desktop background
      • Changing the screen saver
      • Adding programs to the task bar

The Recycle Bin

      • Deleting files or folders, or emptying the entire bin
      • Finding and restoring deleted ite

Handy Utilities

      • Calculator
      • Games
      • Playing music
      • Playing movies & videos

Transferring pictures from a smart phone or camera

      • Connecting the device to the computer
      • Choosing which pictures to download and where to store them
      • Initiating the download
      • Viewing your pictures

Microsoft Outlook / Microsoft Mail basics

Microsoft Word basics