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Beginners Outlook Course

Duration: 1 day


Arguably the most powerful email client on the market for large organisations, this 1 day beginners Outlook course will reveal to you how Outlook can revolutionise your life. Your work habits will change and your productivity will rise.

Outlook is so much more than e-mail, and yet that's all that 90% of people use it for. It's like having a swiss army knife and only using it to open your letters in the morning.

As well as learning how to send, receive and manage e-mail, you will discover how to use the calendar to create appointments, arrange meetings, set tasks for yourself and for others and maintain your own private list of contacts.


You should be familiar with the Windows operating system. There are no other pre-requisites. This course starts from the ground up and works from the assumption that you have little or no experience of using Microsoft Outlook.

Versions Taught

Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010

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Overview / Tour

      • Getting acquainted with the Outlook screen
      • The Outlook Bar, Folder List, Reading Pane, People Pane and Task Bar
      • Tabs, contextual tabs, ribbons & groups
      • Using the Outlook interface
      • What's new and improved in the latest version of Outlook?


      • Using the Outlook Help facility and available tools

Managing Messages

      • Opening, sending and receiving messages
      • Using the Global Address Book (GAB)
      • Using the Personal Address Book (PAB)
      • Understanding To, CC and BCC
      • Viewing sent messages
      • Replying to, forwarding and printing a message
      • Saving, retrieving and finishing a draft message
      • Navigating through messages in the Inbox
      • Flagging a message for follow-up
      • Changing the read status of a message
      • Sorting messages
      • Managing deleted messages
      • Using folders to organise the mailbox
      • Printing a message or the message summary

Working Smarter With Messages

      • Using the Out-of-office tool
      • Creating and using a signature
      • Attaching a file to a message
      • Opening, saving and printing an attachment
      • Using hyperlinks within a message
      • Using the Office Clipboard
      • Requesting a Read Receipt
      • Requesting a Delivery Receipt
      • Recalling a messageUsing voting buttons


      • Creating, editing and deleting a contact
      • Viewing contact information in different ways
      • Flagging a contact for follow-up
      • Printing contact information


      • Scheduling appointments and meetings
      • Creating an all-day-event
      • Responding to a meeting invite
      • Tracking responses to a meeting invite
      • Rescheduling an appointment or meeting
      • Scheduling a recurring appointment or meeting
      • Cancelling or rescheduling a meeting or appointment
      • Printing a schedule


      • Creating, editing and deleting a task
      • Creating a recurring task
      • Assigning the task to someone else
      • Accepting or declining a task
      • Printing a list of tasks


      • Creating, editing and deleting a note
      • Resizing and moving a note
      • Colour-coding your notes
      • Printing note information