Microsoft Troubleshooter

(Also known as 'Roving Trainer' or 'Floor Walker')

Two Rivers Software Training provides laptops, projector and extension cables

A troubleshooter will help you get to the bottom of your problems and help you to fix them

This is the perfect solution when several people need training but don't have time to attend a course. It's also handy when staff members are at different levels or have different questions and would benefit from some one-on-one time.

A Microsoft expert will visit your workplace and "float". Whoever needs assistance with something can get specific help and advice, individually. It's a great opportunity to resolve all those niggles and issues that have accumulated.

If you just want something done without any loose ends, we can build or fix something for you and explain how it all works.

Some people might only need a few minutes, others may require an hour or two. You can decide whether to allocate each member of staff an approximate time slot or just let it play out on the day.