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Projects or Training,  Zoom or Teams,  Done-For-You or Done-With-You

Do you have some projects that you've been sitting on,
making little or no progress for months and just want off your plate?
Do you need a short, express training hit to get you over a hump? 

Let's talk.

Hi I'm Jason. 

I'm here to help you with your spreadsheets, docs and presentations, whatever level you're at.

To review them, build them or troubleshoot them.

For project work, we can meet on Zoom or Teams and work in real time, or after discussing what you need, you can leave it with me and I'll deliver the finished product to you.

For training, I will connect the dots and make you smarter!

Where you have weaknesses, I'll strengthen your knowledge and straighten things out.

Where you have questions keeping you up at night, I'll cut through the clutter and take you directly to the answers. 

Where things are just plain confusing, I'll debunk all the crap you may have heard or read before. I'll tell you what's important and what you can safely ignore.

Where things are driving you nuts, I'll fix them and take the stress off your shoulders.

I know how you feel. I've been there and I've helped many others in your position. 

I'll get you to the other side.

Wherever you're based in the world, whatever level you're at, whether you need something straightened out or just want some focused training ...

Jason Morrell


1-on-1 troubleshooting / consulting / development

With the 5 hour credit (below), you can book a session whenever you need one (min 1 hr) or put it towards the time that I will spend working on your project. Or both. 

I will begin any project by talking with you to gain a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. This time is billable so do your homework and come prepared!

If you're not sure if virtual training is the right option for you or you want to check if the idea is feasible and see if we are well-matched, then reach out to me below, and provide enough info for me to get the gist of your problem/project (without writing a thesis!). I will then get touch to go through the next steps. There is no charge for this.

... book some time and let's knock this over.

Break the Deadlock! Change the Game!

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AUD $125 (approx USD $90)

AUD $550 (approx USD $400)