The most versatile PowerPoint courses Noosa has to offer

The Most Versatile PowerPoint Courses
 Noosa Has to Offer

We Come to You & Bring Everything You Need

Custom in-house PowerPoint training
delivered exclusively for your staff

Another day, another PowerPoint!

You know how it is. You sit down in front of an PowerPoint presentation. It'll just take a minute, you think to yourself. 

Several hours pass and you realise you've just spent a disproportionate amount of time getting one simple thing to work. Animations perhaps, or getting a consistent look and feel, or timing.

You thought you knew what you were doing, but suddenly everything unravelled. One little change caused a catastrophic chain of events.

A big deadline is looming and you still have other things on your to-do list that are demanding your attention with ever-increasing urgency. 

The Most Versatile PowerPoint Courses Noosa Has to Offer
The Most Flexible PowerPoint Courses Noosa Has to Offer

Your stress levels are rising.

It begins to dawn on you that there are cavernous gaps in your knowledge.

In desperation, you try anything and everything. Throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping something will stick.

You're even trying things that you know don't work (because you've tried 2 or 3 times already)  -  and yet  -  you're hoping for a different result!

          That's Einstein's definition of insanity, by the way!

Think about how many people use PowerPoint in your business or organisation then you'll start to realise how many hundreds of hours are being wasted every single week.

You're not alone. This happens every day to people in all lines of work in offices right across the land.

If this is you (or sounds like the people in your team) then I have fantastic news. 

There is a quick fix!

You only need 2 things to succeed - fresh knowledge followed by repetition & practise.

Getting the knowledge is the easy part. That's what we specialise in

In fact, just one session of PowerPoint training and/or troubleshooting is all you need to tick that box.

But the harder part comes after the training. Matching what you've learnt with what you use.  

And we help with that too by providing comprehensive written step-by-step instructions and examples that you can reference and practise files and solutions that you can cross-reference and reverse-engineer.

But perhaps the most valuable jewel in the crown is our free ongoing lifetime support.

We are invested in you and we want to see you succeed.

The training is fantastic! The instructor was able to answer any question our team had and showed us features we did not know existed.

Marshall Henderson

Verified Google Review

PowerPoint training delivered differently:

The most flexible and comprehensive PowerPoint courses Noosa has available

We come to you: Everyone is in familiar surroundings with people they know.

And when you're relaxed and having fun, it puts you in the right frame of mind to learn, and you're not so timid about asking questions.

In fact, as a mobile training specialist, we can provide laptops, mice, power boards, extension cables and even a projector, for free.

So you haven't got to worry about a thing. Simply book the boardroom or meeting room and organise your staff.

The Most Convenient PowerPoint Courses Noosa Has to Offer
The Most Customisable PowerPoint Courses Noosa Has to Offer

Customise your training: If you want a bog-standard PowerPoint course, we can deliver that, of course. 

But the magic happens when your needs are taken into account. Perhaps you want to use your own PowerPoints within the training or focus on particular topics.

We have one PowerPoint course that covers everything from getting started to creating slide decks and performing  like a seasoned pro.

All training content can be chopped, changed and customised to fit your needs. No charge. Just tell us what you need.

Learn how NOT to do things: Discover all the traps, pitfalls, old ways of doing things and misinformed advice that sap your time and energy and lead you to a dead end.

Complete the puzzle: By the end of the training, you'll recognise the pieces of the puzzle that you already had, or had in the wrong place (this most often comes from being self-taught). You'll also have all the missing pieces and know how they fit together.

Extend & Improve: There are always new features and better ways to get things done. Bring your skills up-to-date and start working smarter. Slash hours from your tasks and get things to work the first time, every time.

The Most Comprehensive PowerPoint Courses Noosa Has to Offer

Actionable, practical and proven expert advice,
whatever level you're at

Boost your skill set with computer training

What we bring:

  • Up to 15 laptops & mice (or use your own)
  • Power-boards and extension cables
  • Safety floor cable cover
  • Projector
  • Printed or PDF training manuals
  • Friendly, approachable expert instructor

Excellent training. Everything was broken down and simplified. When we saw the big picture and were presented with clear steps to follow, everybody was suddenly wondering why it had seemed so hard in the first place!

Jodi Martyn

Senior Sales Rep

What is covered in the PowerPoint course?

PowerPoint is arguably the most powerful presentation software on the market.

Whatever your current level of ability, this course will teach you how to put together a presentation correctly, easily, quickly and with confidence.

You'll master the basics of good slide design using the graphics tools, charts, Smart Art, video, audio and masters.

Your slide decks will look fantastic, feel consistent and be easy to maintain

You'll also discover how to add some pizzazz using transitions and animations and how to set up the show correctly and use some of the live tools to control your presentation like a pro.

Click here for full details of the PowerPoint course
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Group Pricing

We have a very simple pricing structure that on average is 57% less expensive than sending people offsite to a public course.

  • SMALL - up to 5 participants - $1,200 + GST
  • MEDIUM - up to 10 participants - $1,500 + GST
  • LARGE - up to 15 participants - $1,800 + GST
  • EXTRA LARGE - up to 20 participants - $2,000 + GST

Participants may be added to any plan for $100+GST each.

The PowerPoint course can be completed in around 4 hours.

The prices above are for a regular training day, which allows for 6 hours of training time plus breaks. As PowerPoint is a shorter course, you may use any remaining time for troubleshooting, Q&A or add another program like ExcelWordOutlook or Publisher into the mix.

Remember, we come to you and bring everything you need including laptops, mice, power boards, extension cables, floor safety covers and a projector. You can of course use your own computers.

ATTENTION: You may be eligible to receive a significant discount on your group training, available by request only. You are invited to complete this quick 3-step process to apply (it takes less than 30 seconds). Even if you're still shopping around and not yet ready to book  -  you could save thousands as you invest in your staff over the coming months. 

Here's what others had to say

David Bayley


I slashed 17 hours from my workload in the first week!

Despite our busy schedule, we approached Two Rivers for some guidance and direction.

The advice was eye-opening. The ideas were so practical and broken down in such a way that we were able to implement them straight away. I personally slashed around 17 hours from my workload in the very first week.

This is one of the best investments we've made all year. Clearly this training is going to pay for itself many times over.

David Bayley Aspect Engineering

Place your trust and confidence in us.
We have a perfect 5-star Google rating from all our customer reviews 

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Darren Springer

Gold Coast, QLD

I spent a whole day searching Google for a solution to a problem. I rang Jason and it was sorted within 5 minutes. It's outstanding service, to have someone so knowledgeable when all else has failed.


John Boyd

Sunshine Coast, QLD

I really appreciated the time taken for a beginner like myself. The course was easy to understand and digest. The instructor had a wide knowledge of his subject area and was professional, friendly and easy-going.


Julie O'Farrell

Noosa, QLD

It's like I've been in a dark room and someone just switched the lights on. I learnt more in a few hours than I had in several years.


Robyn Atkinson

Noosa, QLD

A clear cut above previous training I've attended. Heaps of great tips & learnt more than expected! Fantastic trainer. Thanks.

Some of the largest organisations in Australia have trusted the guys at Two Rivers Software Training to transform the capabilities of their staff. Companies like Virgin Australia, BP, the RAAF and Noosa City Council all recognise the productivity improvements that came about because of training.

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Don't leave empty-handed

Whether you have a handful of people or several hundred people that would benefit from a formal Microsoft course over the next few months, even if you're just shopping around and you're not ready to go yet, grab a summary of the pricing and some other training options before you leave this page.

There are no long forms or paperwork to complete. We keep things as simple as possible. 

Remember, we have the most game-changing PowerPoint courses Noosa has to offer. We deliver exclusively in-house.

Hope to work with you soon.

Here's to your learning and success.