1-on-1 personal individual computer training in Microsoft Office | Excel, Word and more

Get your own private computer tuition at your home or workplace - totally customised to your exact needs and level

If you are ...

  • a beginner we'll get you up-to-speed quickly and give you the strongest start possible
  • self taught or have some experience we'll fill in the gaps, help you put the pieces together and arm you with a ton of new tools.
  • looking for a job, a better job or trying to get back into the workforce after taking a few years out to raise a family, we will give you the strongest possible chance of making the cut and landing a well paid, challenging role that you'll love.
We can take you to the next level, then the next level after that
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How the training works

  • The trainer will come to you and sit with you 1-on-1
  • Your tuition is completely customised to your needs
  • You may maximise the training time by choosing topics or splicing together bits from different courses
  • The pace will be exactly right for YOU
  • You can ask ANY questions and focus on what YOU want to learn, skipping the bits you don't
  • You can choose what day you would like training. We can see you from early til late, Monday to Saturday

Transformations you can expect

  • Confidence & productivity will be at an all-time high
  • You'll have lots of fresh ideas and actionable advice to inject into your day-to-day work
  • You'll work smarter getting things done in 1 or 2 steps rather than ten
  • You'll slash hours from your tasks every week!
  • You'll blast through your sticking points
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Invest In Yourself Today

Compared to a public course you'll receive a completely personalised training experience.
It takes less time and you'll achieve ten times as much value.

    • No fluff training. Direct and straight to the point
    • Easy shortcuts. Lots of them
    • 100% attention of the instructor
    • Printed training manual to keep for reference
    • Access to course files, exercises & solutions
    • Free ongoing support for peace of mind
    • Tax invoice
    • Certificate on request
    • No need to travel anywhere. We come to you

What Could The Right Training Do For You?

Here's what others had to say


Darren Springer

Gold Coast, QLD

I spent a whole day searching Google for a solution to an Excel problem. I rang Jason and my problem was sorted within 5 minutes. It's outstanding service, to have someone so knowledgeable when all else has failed.


John Boyd

Sunshine Coast, QLD

I really appreciated the time taken for a beginner like myself. The course was easy to understand and digest. The instructor had a wide knowledge of his subject area and was professional, friendly and easy-going.


Julie O'Farrell

Brisbane, QLD

It's like I've been in a dark room and someone just switched the lights on. I learnt more in a few hours than I had in several years.


Robyn Atkinson

Brisbane, QLD

A clear cut above previous training I've attended. Heaps of great tips & learnt more than expected! Fantastic trainer. Thanks.



I surprised myself how much I was able to pick up so quickly

I was due to start a fantastic new job on Monday, but I may have stretched the truth a little about how good I was on a computer! To be honest, I was in a bit of a panic and needed help quickly.

A trainer from Two Rivers came to see me two days later. The training was exactly what I needed. Not too fast and not too slow. I surprised myself how much I was able to pick up so quickly. It really helped my confidence and I have continued to improve my skills since then.

The new job's going great by the way.

Kylie James Albion, QLD