Our guarantee is backed by 4 promises

We Make These 4 Promises To You

We don't just make empty claims. We back them up. You will receive effective training that reclaims your valuable time and eliminates stress as soon as you start implementing. We mean business and here's 4 PROMISES to prove it.

Promise #1

If you diligently put your new skills into practice, you will slash a bare minimum of 100 hours from your workload in the next 12 months.​

Promise #2

If you are a beginner, we promise that within 1 day you’ll be able to put together a beautiful, functional spreadsheet / document / presentation / publication.

Promise #3

You will receive clear teaching from an experienced and highly qualified instructor. Your training will hit the mark. All agreed objectives will be met. You’ll get crystal-clear, easy-to-implement, practical ideas that make an immediate difference.

Promise #4

If you are not 100% happy with your training; if you feel that your goals and expectations were not met, we’ll either schedule a new session with an alternative trainer or return your training fee. In addition you'll get to keep your electronic training manual, course files and solutions with our compliments. In our entire history this has only occurred once, with a trainer who no longer works for us.