Employers demand strong Excel skills.

How good are yours? Are you ready?  


Our Excel Courses Put You Streets Ahead
and Save You Hundreds of Hours Every Year

  • Choose your preferred training day (Mon-Sat).
  • We come to you with up to 15 laptops, manuals, practice files, cheat sheets and shortcuts. 
  • Our pricing is simple. The price is based on your location, the number of people, and the training format you choose. All courses and levels are the same price. No hidden costs.

Oh Yes, Excel Can Be Frustrating ...

We get it. Seriously, we do.

Whether you've been using Excel for 1 hour or 25 years, Excel can still dish out surprises and throw curved balls at you.

Stick at it long enough and you'll have days where you'll be shouting at the screen, waving your fist and cursing Excel

All it takes is one missing comma, bracket or quote mark in a formula, and you could lose half a day trying to fix it!

Maybe right now you're feeling stuck, held back, frustrated, overworked, in over your head, sick with worry, or all of the above.

But here's the thing. Software does what it is told to do. It's a matter of getting in tune with how Excel works. It may seem like an illogical beast at first, but once tamed it's a beautiful thing to behold.

Excel gives you all the reports and information you ask for, instantly.

Not only does it save you hundreds of hours of painstakingly work assembling and calculating your figures by hand but you'll know with absolute certainty that the figures are accurate. And the best bit? It's all set up ready to go again next week or next month .

Now, you might be tempted to piece together information  from Dr Google or Yanny Youtube ...

... But It's Easier With a Good Guide

A good guide will get you to your destination via the fastest route. Someone who knows the ins and outs and the quirky behaviours of Excel. Somebody who has trodden the path before you and knows where the dangers and pitfalls lie. You don't want to trust this to just anyone.

At Two Rivers Software Training, we only use trainers with: 

  • Excellent knowledge
  • Real world experience
  • Appropriate qualifications
  • The ability to convey concepts simply to trainees.

We strip away the fluff and hand you the gems. After all your time is valuable.

It's easier with a good guide / mentor / coach
  • Discover how to construct formulas perfectly, first time.
  • Expand your formula repertoire to gain more control and flexibility. 
  • Master time-saving tools and techniques like pivot tables, lookups and macros.
  • Walk away with practical, actionable ideas that you can implement quickly. and a clear roadmap of how to proceed.

We'll Come to You

We come to your home or workplace. Computers are provided for onsite group workshops.

If you're based in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Warwick or anywhere in between, then we can come to you to deliver your training. 

  • If you need training just for yourself, we can come to your home or workplace.
  • If you are organising training for a group, we can come to your office. 

When Covid restrictions ease, we can also deliver in-person training right across Australia.

We Help All Kinds of People

We work with multi-nationals, small business owners, promotion-seekers and job-seekers. Whether you're a parent returning to work or in charge of a large corporate team, fundamentally everybody has the same insecurities with Excel.

  • You're terrified that if you make that 'simple' change, everything will topple over.
  • You've tried things that haven't worked and can't find the answers. Perhaps you're even starting at ZERO.
  • You worry that mistakes are slipping through the cracks, unnoticed.
  • You're constantly worried about making the deadline.
  • You sense that you're missing out on things that Excel can do that would make your life easier.
Confused man stressed about a mistake on his spreadsheet

We Help Solve All Kinds of Problems

Do Excel formulas baffle you?

Do your Excel spreadsheets need some TLC?

Do you need to work faster and smarter?

Worry no more. We'll show you how to write powerful formulas and create efficient spreadsheets that work

We'll also show you how to create spreadsheets in such a way that they are easy to maintain. There's no worse feeling that opening up somebody else's spreadsheet and wondering what the heck they were thinking. It may work but it's impossible to decipher.

Really? Thats amazing!

Plus we will tailor the training to exactly what you need.

  • Where you have gaps we'll fill them.
  • Where you have weaknesses, we'll strengthen your knowledge.
  • Where you have questions that wake you up at night, we'll cut through the clutter and take you directly to the answers. 
  • Where things are driving you nuts, we'll fix them and take the stress off your shoulders.
  • Where things are just plain confusing, we'll straighten them out.

What Topics Are Covered in the Excel Courses?

Here are the topics covered in the standard courses.

There are further topics available and you can choose your own mix of topics from any of the levels for your training. 

Private Group Training For Your Staff

Because we come to your office, it's a far better option (and far less expensive) than sending everybody off to a public course. Attendees can rock up to work as normal and be in familiar surroundings with people they know.

Effectively, we set up a mobile classroom in your boardroom or a large meeting room. During Covid restrictions, you will need to provide a room large enough (or limit the number of participants) to allow for the required distance.

Each attendee is welcome to bring their own laptop, or we can provide up to 15 laptops and mice*.

The instructor demonstrates everything on a big screen and each person follows along or practises on their own laptop. You may be relieved to hear that you won't see a single PowerPoint slide (except on our PowerPoint course!).

Training manuals are available in soft (PDF) format or hard (printed) format.

Each participant has access to free ongoing support.

Full day and half day options are available.

* Laptops etc. can only be provided if you are located in SE QLD.

Thumbs up. All good!

Jason is an amazingly knowledgeable teacher who made the training easy and fun. Our team learnt so much of value from the one day custom training we had recently. We have been able to apply this new knowledge immediately.

Carrie Akhurst

Verified Google Review

In-Person 1-on-1 Training


Get training in your own home or workplace.

Alternatively, if your home is currently a building site or you have kids running around your feet, you have the option to do the training in a comfortable, quiet, air-conditioned home office on the Gold Coast.

If you have your own laptop or computer you are welcome to use it. If you don't we can provide one.

Your training will be tailored to exactly to what you need. It's like top-end private coaching.

You are encouraged to bring a list of all the questions you can think of. That will help to establish a logical flow and can also be used as a checklist to ensure that nothing is missed and everything you need is covered.

Unlike a public course where you can't control the pace, the content or those annoying people who hog the instructor's time ... 1-on-1 training helps you master something relevant and useful every single minute. First, one penny drops, then another, and then another.

You will receive a training manual in soft (PDF) format or hard (printed) format.

After the training you have free ongoing support (priceless).

It's the perfect opportunity to work on YOUR spreadsheets, iron out all the wrinkles and get all your sticky questions answered.

Jason has provided a great service and knowledge. I was quite daunted at first, being a complete novice, but he has helped me considerably

Sally Hughes

Verified Google Review

Group Troubleshooting / Roving Trainer

In a large office environment there may be many individuals who each have their own questions  based on what they are working on and what level of experience they have.

A 'Roving Trainer' or 'Floor Walker' will walk the floor and sit with people 1-on-1 at their workstation and answer questions or work on their spreadsheets. Alternatively, in a busy office, the trainer will be available in a private room for individuals to visit for a short 1-on-1 session.

This is a great way for lots of people to get their questions answered and their issue resolved without having to attend a full course. 


The training they offer is fantastic! Jason was able to answer any question our team had and show us features we did not know existed.

Because of this we've all become Excel Wizards!

Marshall Henderson

Verified Google Review

1-on-1 Troubleshooting Over Zoom


Wherever you are located, you can talk directly to an experienced instructor over Zoom.

Zoom is best used for Q&A or trouble-shooting, rather than long-form training. Short and sharp! Zoom Fatigue is a real thing and listening to one person for too long, no matter how interesting, is hard work!

We can work on your spreadsheets in real time, whether you want to control proceedings and share your screen or you want the instructor to run the show and provide a commentary as they go.

I just had a 1 hour Zoom session with Jason. I'm amazed how easy it was and how much we achieved in a short time. I saved so much time going to an expert. Very friendly and patient. Highly recommended.

David Steinberg

Verified Google Review

Consulting (Done For You / Done With You)

If you recognise your weaknesses and are short on time or motivation, it's often far quicker to allow an expert to create or manage your spreadsheet for you.

The 'Done-For-You' service is a hands-off approach whereby the expert completes the work remotely, according to the requirements then returns the work once complete. 

The 'Done-With-You' service provides a more hands-on approach whereby the expert sits with you to complete the work.

Either way gets you to the finishing line much quicker without having to attend a full course.

Master Excel (whatever level you're at)
In a nutshell ...

Key Points in a Nutshell

  • We come to you at your office, workplace, home or any venue.
  • Lots of training formats: 1-on-1, group, in-person, Zoom, consulting, troubleshooting, roving trainer
  • Choose your preferred date and time (Mon-Sat).
  • Laptops Provided: Each participant gets their own laptop for maximum learning experience (or they can use their own).
  • Customised Content: Focus on what you need.
  • Access to Course files: Course participants get free access to course files, exercises and solutions.
  • Free Ongoing Support: You can contact us next week, next month or even next year whenever you get stuck.
  • Certificate (on request)
  • Everything included: training manuals, course files, expert tuition and ongoing support.

Place your trust and confidence in us. Our customers have given us a  

Perfect 5 Star Average Google Rating

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Here's what people are saying ...

David Bayley


I slashed 17 hours from my workload in the first week!

After screwing up a key document, we embarrassed ourselves and lost an important tender. Despite our busy schedule we approached Two Rivers for some guidance and direction.

The advice was eye opening. The ideas were so practical and broken down in such a way that we were able to implement them straight away. I personally slashed around 17 hours from my workload in the very first week.

This is one of the best investments we've made all year. Clearly this training is going to pay for itself many times over.

David Bayley Aspect Engineering


Darren Springer

Gold Coast, QLD

I spent a whole day searching Google for a solution to an Excel problem. I rang Jason and my problem was sorted within 5 minutes. It's outstanding service, to have someone so knowledgeable when all else has failed.


John Boyd

Sunshine Coast, QLD

I really appreciated the time taken for a beginner like myself. The course was easy to understand and digest. The instructor had a wide knowledge of his subject area and was professional, friendly and easy-going.


Julie O'Farrell

Brisbane, QLD

It's like I've been in a dark room and someone just switched the lights on. I learnt more in a few hours than I had in several years.


Robyn Atkinson

Brisbane, QLD

A clear cut above previous training I've attended. Heaps of great tips & learnt more than expected! Fantastic trainer. Thanks.

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