Two Rivers Software Training

Excel Skills Health Check

Select a Health Check to test your knowledge of a particular level of Excel. Each health check has 30 short questions. Complete it at your own pace. At the end, we'll provide you with all the correct answers.

Which level should I do?

There's no cost, so you can do all 3 if you want to.

But let's say a new employer is asking for good Excel skills. Try the intermediate or advanced health checks and see how you go.

Or if you are considering, say, an Intermediate Excel course, take the beginners Excel health check because you need some basic skills otherwise you will struggle with the course.

If you get 80% correct - that's 24 questions out of 30 - and you've been using Excel regularly, for a while then the Intermediate Excel course is the one for you. You're ready.

If you get significantly less than 80% (i.e. more than 6 incorrect answers), you're probably not quite ready for the intermediate course and you'd benefit A LOT from our beginners course.

If you're borderline, there's no shame in doing the next level course down. In fact this will solidify your existing knowledge by filling in the gaps and giving you a solid foundation moving forward.

Let's get started.