Microsoft Consulting 

"Done-For-You" or "Done-With-You". You Choose.

Get stuff done in a fraction of the time it would take YOU to do yourself.
Get it done properly and with no loose ends.

Done-for-you or Done-with-you consulting

If you just need something done without investing a lot of hours in researching and endlessly experimenting until you reach your desired goal, then we can help.

From Excel spreadsheets and Word templates to Excel databases and slick PowerPoints, our expert team will deliver the finished product in a fraction of the time ensuring you meet your deadlines and maintain your high standards.

'Done-with-you' means we work together to develop what you require, explaining the process en-route.

'Done-for-you' means we work remotely, developing the goods, and only checking in with you when we need clarification. This means you are freed up to work on other activities. We will record a video and/or make detailed notes to explain everything.