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Microsoft Project Courses

Microsoft Project Course

Duration: 2 days


This course familiarises the learner with using Microsoft Project to manage projects of all sizes. It covers the important aspects of dealing with tasks and resources while addressing problem areas that often arise when using a computer to manage projects.

This Microsoft Project course has enough material for 2.5 - 3 days of training. This gives the trainer some flexibility to pitch the course at the appropriate level for the participants.

1-on-1 Project training is no longer offered. Only Project training for groups is available (but we come to you to make it easier!) 


Whatever level you're currently at, the instructor will tailor the material to the experience and needs of the group.

This course can be adapted for you if:

(a) you have little or no knowledge of Microsoft Project or

(b) you are self-taught or you have some knowledge but there are lots of gaps

(c) ​you have some project management experience or you use Microsoft Project regularly but want to discover how to get the most from it.

Versions Taught

Project 2016, Project 2013, Project 2010


Using the Project Interface

      • An overview of the tabs, conceptual tabs, ribbons and groups
      • The Backstage
      • New & improved features for the latest versions of Project

Microsoft Project Basics

      • Overview of Microsoft Project
      • Getting acquainted with the Microsoft Project interface
      • Working with views
      • Working with combination views
      • Working with tables
      • Working with the Gantt chart view
      • Understanding the layout of the Project toolbars
      • Working with existing project files
      • Exiting safely from Microsoft Project


      • Printed help sources
      • Using Project help

Creating a New Project

      • New project overview
      • Understanding your project
      • Creating a new project
      • Saving a new project file
      • Setting Project options
      • Potential pitfalls of changing project options
      • Adjusting the standard calendars
      • Creating public holidays
      • Creating a new calendar
      • Specifying project information
      • Generate a project summary

Key Concepts of Project Management

      • What is a project?
      • The role of Tasks and Resources
      • The importance of planning
      • Steps of a strong project management plan
      • Project management tools
      • The advantages and disadvantages of using Microsoft Project for managing projects

Creating Tasks

      • Overview
      • Reviewing a project
      • Entering tasks the correct way
      • Creating summary tasks
      • Techniques for moving around a sheet

Managing Task Durations

      • Overview
      • Entering task durations
      • Managing critical tasks
      • Checking project status
      • Managing project slack
      • Milestones

Creating Relationships

      • Overview
      • Creating relationships using the link tool
      • Creating relationships using task entry
      • Creating relationships using task information
      • Creating relationships directly in a sheet
      • Keeping to schedule using relationships
      • Managing lead time and lag time

Resourcing a Project

      • Resourcing concepts
      • Creating a resource pool
      • Managing materials
      • Assigning calendars to resources
      • Adjusting resource information
      • Changing the unit display

Assignment Concepts

      • Understanding resource assignment
      • Project's calculation methodologies
      • Calculating & managing Effort
      • Creating simple assignments
      • Understanding task types
      • Working with fixed unit assignments
      • Working with fixed duration assignments
      • Working with fixed work assignments
      • Working with the Driver resource
      • Effort driven resourcing
      • Disabling effort driven resourcing

Assigning Resources

      • Overview of assigning resources
      • Assigning resources using task entry view
      • Assigning part time resources
      • Contouring resource usage
      • Assigning specific work times
      • Problem assignments
      • Assigning resources in task information
      • Assigning resources in a sheet
      • Assigning resources that you don't have

Resource Levelling

      • Overview
      • Creating resource chaos
      • Tracking down over-allocations
      • Fix 1: Changing work effort
      • Fix 2: Assigning overtime
      • Fix 3: Hiring contract labour
      • Fix 4: Switching work assignments
      • Fix 5: Rescheduling tasks

Assigning Materials

      • Overview of assigning materials
      • Assigning fixed material consumption
      • Contouring materials usage
      • Adding more material resources
      • Assigning variable usage materials
      • Adding to a material assignment
      • Checking work for materials

Costing a Project

      • Costing overview
      • Reviewing the current cost status
      • Variable resource costs
      • Assigning daily costs for equipment hire
      • Assigning resource usage costs
      • Assigning fixed costs
      • Assigning material costs
      • Using multiple cost tables
      • Changing resources rates during a project
      • Viewing costs

Constraints & Deadlines

      • Overview of constraints & deadlines
      • Reviewing a project
      • Adding a constraint
      • Using elapsed time to resolve conflicts
      • Creating a deadline

Monitoring a Project

  • Overview of project monitoring
  • Creating a baseline
  • Getting Project to update progress
  • Manually updating task progress
  • Entering delayed tasks
  • Tracking actuals on a Gantt chart
  • Using the tracking box
  • Viewing task slippage


  • Printing a Gantt chart
  • Printing sheet views
  • Printing jobs for resources
  • Printing resources for task