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Beginners PowerPoint Course

Duration: 1 day


This 1 day beginners PowerPoint course is designed for you if you've have little or no experience of using Microsoft Powerpoint. You'll learn how to put together a presentation correctly, easily, quickly and with confidence.

Master the basics of good slide design using the graphics tools, charts, Smart Art, video and audio. Add some pizzazz using transitions and animations. Finally discover how to set up the show correctly and use some of the live tools to control your presentation like a pro.


Participants should be familiar with the Windows operating system and comfortable using a keyboard and mouse.

Some knowledge of Word table and Excel charts may be useful but is not essential.

Versions Taught

PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2010

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Overview / Tour

      • Getting acquainted with the layout of the Powerpoint screen
      • The task pane
      • The slide window
      • The notes pane
      • The thumbnail panel
      • Resizing the panels
      • Changing the magnification level
      • Slide Sorter view

PowerPoint Basics

      • Opening and closing a presentation
      • Creating, editing and saving a presentation
      • Running a presentation
      • Navigating through a presentation

Slide Design

      • Adding a title slide
      • Exploring different slide layouts - bulleted lists, tables, graphics, charts and movie clips
      • Choosing a slide design
      • Creating a slide background

Slide Masters

      • Using the Slide Master to create consistency
      • Adding slide numbers
      • Customising and positioning header and footer content

Animations & Transitions

      • Transitioning between slides
      • Using preset animations
      • Animating text and other objects
      • Animating chart components

Running The Slide Show

      • Hiding slides
      • Activating the slide show
      • Navigating through the slide show

Text & Bullets

      • Methods for inserting text
      • Changing text attributes
      • Adding bullets and numbering
      • Customising bullets

Editing Tools

      • Running a spell check
      • Using synonyms
      • Using Find and Replace


      • Different methods for creating a table
      • Selecting cells, rows and columns
      • Applying borders and shading
      • Inserting and deleting columns and rows
      • Merging and splitting cells
      • Quickly formatting a table


      • Creating a chart
      • Using the datasheet
      • Changing the chart type
      • Using a chart you have already designed in Excel


      • Inserting a clipart or photo
      • Modifying a picture
      • Creating and manipulating WordArt
      • Exploring the Drawing toolbar

The Outline Pane

      • Rearranging presentation content
      • Promoting and demoting text
      • Collapsing and expanding slide content

Slide Sorter

      • Copying, moving and deleting slides

Printing Handouts Of Your Presentation

      • Printing a presentation outline
      • Printing the speaker notes
      • Printing handouts and notes for distribution