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Advanced Outlook Course

Duration: 1 day


This 1 day advanced Outlook course is designed for experienced Outlook users who wish to work smarter and use Outlook more efficiently. On completion of this course you will have greater control over the way Outlook behaves, better manage incoming messages, share information and work more effectively with other users.


You should be comfortable sending, receiving and handling e-mail and have basic knowledge of the calendar and contacts features. Please view the contents of the Outlook Introduction course and make sure that you are comfortable with the majority (80%) of the contents before considering this course.

Versions Taught

Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010

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Customising The Outlook Interface

      • Changing the size of the panes
      • Customising the Outlook bar

Working With Folders & Windows

      • Using folders to organise mail
      • Using the shortcuts bar
      • Changing the position of the Reading Pane

Using HTML Features In Messages

      • Font, paragraph and page formatting
      • Bullets and numbering
      • Inserting an HTML separator bar
      • Using coloured and graphical backgrounds
      • Creating, editing and using signatures using advanced formatting
      • Applying styles
      • Inserting and positioning graphics into message text

Working Smarter With Outlook

      • Attaching a file to a message
      • Attaching an Outlook item to a message
      • Linking to a web page, e-mail address, a shared file or another part of the message
      • Managing message trails
      • Creating and using a message template

Changing Message Options

      • Message priority & sensitivity
      • Creating voting buttons
      • Compiling & counting the votes
      • Requesting a Delivery Receipt
      • Requesting and responding to a Read Receipt
      • Redirecting message replies to someone else
      • Delaying the delivery of a message
      • Putting a shelf life on a message

Advanced Contact Features

      • The difference between Microsoft Exchange users, POP users and IMAP users
      • Using Global and personal address lists
      • Finding a contact
      • Creating and modifying your own contact
      • Tricks to entering name, address, phone and e-mail information
      • Including a contact’s photo
      • Creating and modifying a distribution list (a.k.a. Group)
      • Addressing and expanding a distribution list / group
      • Sending a letter to a contact
      • Sending a contact’s details to someone
      • Saving contact details that have been sent to you

Importing & Exporting Outlook Data

      • Creating a backup of your inbox or contacts
      • Importing a list of contacts
      • Importing an Excel contact list into Outlook
      • Importing Access data into Outlook

Advanced Meeting Features

      • Appointments, meetings and events
      • Scheduling a meeting
      • Using Date Descriptions
      • Colour-coding a meeting
      • Booking shared resources
      • Resolving conflicts with existing meetings
      • Responding to a meeting invite
      • Checking responses to meeting invites
      • Schedule a recurring meeting
      • Adding a message to a meeting
      • Printing calendar information

Mail Merge Using Outlook Contacts

      • Mail merging with Outlook contacts
      • An overview of the mail merge concept
      • Selecting mail recipients
      • Initiating the mail merge
      • Completing the source document
      • Editing the recipient list
      • Reviewing the merge letters
      • Merging to a new document
      • Merging direct to the printer
      • Merging to e-mailLabel merge

Customising a View

  • What is a view?
  • Using the Advanced toolbar
  • Switching to another view
  • Creating your own view
  • Choosing which fields are shown in a view
  • Grouping, sorting and filtering data in a view
  • Changing the look and feel of the view
  • Highlighting particular items in your view
  • Using automatic formatting to highlight selected messages or contacts
  • Changing the field format
  • Testing out your view

Using Rules To Handle Incoming Mail

  • An overview of the Rule & Alerts concept
  • Creating a new rule
  • Specifying criteria for the rule
  • Specifying how to handle identified messages
  • Stating exceptions to the rule
  • Running, editing, deleting and switching off the rule
  • Exporting and importing rules
  • Creating a rule based on an existing message

Maintaining Multiple Email Accounts

  • Creating a new e-mail account
  • Viewing or changing an e-mail account
  • Choosing which account to send a message from

Shared Calendars

  • Why share calendars?
  • Allowing other users to access your calendar
  • Assigning permissions
  • Accessing another user's calendar