Advanced Access course | Managing databases effectively

Advanced Access Course

Duration: 1 day


This Advanced Access course is designed for experienced Access users who need to learn advanced concepts to handle multi-user environments, security principles and how to customise and integrate the Access interface. This course is suitable for anybody considering a move into Database Administration.


Participants should be experienced database users who are comfortable with creating and maintaining tables, able to design queries to extract and manipulate data within tables and can design reasonably intricate forms and reports.

Versions Taught

Access 2016, Access 2013, Access 2010

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Getting Acquainted With The Access Interface

      • Using the Database Window
      • An overview of newest Access features
      • Common (and useful) shortcuts

Advanced Query Design

      • Null vs blank fields
      • Changing the join type
      • Advanced calculations
      • Using date functions in a query
      • Creating a Crosstab query manually and using the wizard
      • Applying criteria to Crosstab queries

Sub-Forms & Sub-Reports

      • Sub-forms in datasheet view
      • Totalling data in a subform
      • The Locked and Enabled properties

Advanced Form Design

      • The Tab Page control
      • Inserting extra tabbed pages
      • Formatting tab controls
      • Changing the page index
      • Adding pictures to a page tab
      • Changing Tab Control properties
      • ActiveX Controls
      • Using the ActiveX Calendar control
      • Creating navigation buttons
      • Creating a 'Find' button
      • Finding data using a combo box

Advanced Report Design

      • Using parameter queries in reports
      • Changing the record source
      • Grouping data on text fields
      • Grouping data on date/time fields
      • Grouping data on multiple sections
      • Adding graphics to a report


      • Creating a switchboard manually
      • Adding buttons to a switchboard
      • Setting the Start-Up Options
      • The Switchboard Manager

Integrating Access With Other Applications

  • Mail merging with Word
  • Analysing data with Excel
  • Creating and customising charts
  • Adding a chart to a report

Multi-User Applications

  • Potential issues when managing a multi-user environment
  • Sharing data
  • Splitting a database
  • Locking files
  • Editing shared data

Database Management

  • Compacting and repairing a database
  • Database administration
  • Adding a password to a database
  • User level security
  • Creating and joining a workgroup file
  • Groups, users and permissions
  • Logon procedures
  • Adding users to a workgroup
  • Creating additional workgroups
  • Database object ownership
  • Using the Security Wizard to add users and groups