Advanced Word Course

Duration: 1 day


If you are an experienced Word user who creates or maintains large documents, and you want to master top-end features like table of contents, styles, indexes, bookmarks, cross referencing and fields, then this advanced Word course is perfectly suited to you.

The course will fill in your knowledge gaps and arm you with a fistful of new tools that will add the final polish and efficiency to your documents.


What's new in the most recent versions of Word?

      • An overview of the newest features in Microsoft Word

Advanced Text Effects

      • Superscript and Subscript text
      • Stretching and spacing text
      • Kerning
      • Ligatures (2010 onwards)
      • Inserting graphic separators and watermarks
      • Adding a side banner

Segmenting Large Documents

      • Creating different headers for odd and even pages.
      • Creating a different header for the first page
      • Splitting a document into sections
      • Different types of section break
      • Removing a section break

Bookmarks & Cross Referencing

      • reating a bookmark
      • Cross-referencing a bookmark
      • Navigating a document using bookmarks

Footnotes & Endnotes

      • Creating, editing and deleting a note
      • Browsing, locating, moving & copying a note

Table Of Contents & Table Of Figures

      • Creating a TOC using in-built heading styles or your own styles
      • Using the TOC to navigate the document
      • Updating the TOC
      • Modifying the TOC options
      • Customising the TOC Design
      • Creating a Table of Contents to view on the web
      • Using field codes to create a TOC
      • Creating a Table of Figures or Authorities

Index (for end of book)

      • Creating an index
      • Marking entries and subentries
      • Cross-referencing another indexed item
      • Compiling the index
      • Creating an index using a concordance file


      • What are hyperlinks?
      • Creating a hyperlink
      • Hyperlinking to another file
      • Hyperlinking to a web page
      • Hyperlinking to a different place in the document
      • Inserting a hyperlink to open up a new e-mail message
      • Creating a screen tip
      • Hyperlinking from a graphic
      • Editing an existing hyperlink
      • Removing a hyperlink

Field Codes

      • What is a field?
      • What does a field look like?
      • Different types of field code
      • Inserting a field code into a document using the menu
      • Inserting a field code into a document manually
      • Viewing field codes within a document
      • Updating field information
      • Using field codes to create a TOC
      • Using field switches
      • FILL-IN and ASK fields
      • Conditional field codes


      • What is a macro?
      • Recording a macro
      • Running a macro using the macro menu
      • Running a macro by clicking a toolbar icon
      • Running a macro by selecting a custom menu item
      • Creating a new menu
      • Running a macro by clicking a graphic

Master & Sub-Documents

      • What are they and why would you use them?
      • Creating and editing a sub-document
      • Expanding and collapsing sub-documents
      • Things you should know about sub-documents
      • Integrating a sub-document into the master document

Reviewing, Tracking & Versioning

      • Simple highlighting
      • Inserting, browsing, editing, deleting and printing comments
      • Switching tracking on and off
      • Handling a reviewed document
      • Accepting or rejecting changes

Online Forms (if time)

      • Creating a form
      • Adding text boxes, drop-down lists and tick boxes
      • Adding calculations to a form
      • Creating help messages
      • Protecting and un-protecting a form
      • Saving a form as a template
      • Using a template form
      • Printing a form