Beginners Word Course

Duration: 1 day


If you have never used Microsoft Word (or have used it very little) then this 1 day beginners Word course show you how to put together a simple but well presented document that taps into the the powerful text tools, images, tables and bullets and numbered lists. You'll be able to edit, save, retrieve and print your work.


Getting Acquainted With Word

      • Learning your way around the screen
      • Using the tabs and ribbons
      • Using the keyboard and mouse with Microsoft Word
      • Working with documents
      • Creating, saving, closing and opening documents
      • Updating your document
      • Working with several documents at once
      • An overview of some of the newer features of Word


      • Where to go for help
      • Using the Word Help
      • Asking Microsoft Word a question

Editing a Document

      • Lots of ways to select text using the mouse and keyboard
      • Finding your way around a document
      • Using Delete and Backspace
      • Checking your spelling and grammar
      • Choosing a synonym
      • Editing techniques
      • Copying and moving text
      • Finding a piece of text and replacing it with another
      • Using Undo and Re-do

Formatting Words

      • Setting the font, font size and font colour
      • Making a word bold or italic
      • Adding underline
      • Time-saving techniques
      • Making a word upper or lower case
      • Using the menu, toolbar and keyboard
      • Using the Font dialog box.

Formatting Paragraphs

      • In-dents and Out-dents
      • Spacing out your paragraph

Bullets & Numbering

      • One-click bullets
      • One-click numbers
      • Using symbol or image bullets

Formatting Pages

      • Setting the margins
      • Changing the paper size
      • Changing from portrait to landscape
      • Adding page numbers
      • Adding headers and footers
      • Positioning items in the header and footer
      • Inserting the data and time
      • A picture paints a thousand words
      • Adding clipart and photos to your document

Working With Multiple Documents

      • Working on more than one document at a time
      • Moving between documents
      • Copying text between documents
      • Moving and resizing windows
      • Closing several documents at once

Getting Started With Tables

      • Creating a table using the menu or toolbar
      • Moving around a table
      • Selecting a cell, row or column
      • Inserting an extra row or column
      • Deleting a row or column
      • Formatting a table quickly

Printing Your Documents

      • Previewing your document
      • Printing your document or parts of your document