Advanced PowerPoint Course

Duration: 1 day


PowerPoint is arguably the most powerful presentation software on the market.

If you are familiar with creating presentations but need the tools to produce slicker, more cohesive slide shows that are easier to maintain then this 1 day advanced PowerPoint course is for you.

On completion of this course you'll be smarter and more efficient in your design approach by utilising masters, themes, advanced PowerPoint animations, custom shows and much more.


Important Points To Start With

      • Tabs, Ribbons and Groups
      • Working with the Slide pane, Design Area and the Speaker Notes area
      • Understanding the PPTX file format (XML format)
      • New Features of Microsoft Powerpoint


      • Charts and presentations
      • Creating a chart
      • Working with different chart types
      • Setting the chart title, chart axes, gridlines, legend, data labels, data tables.
      • Changing the chart colours
      • Adding or changing source data
      • Plotting hidden data
      • Switching rows and columns
      • Changing the text angle
      • Applying a gradient, texture or picture effect
      • Manipulating 3D charts
      • Exploding the pie
      • Using a chart you created in Excel

Incorporating Sound & Movies

      • Adding audio and video
      • Editing audio and video
      • Adding a soundtrack to a presentation
      • Changing how the track is initiated and when it finishes
      • Playing directly from a CD
      • Playing a movie during a show

Tools For Well Designed Presentations

      • Creating a consistent presentation
      • Choosing a Theme
      • Using the Slide Master
      • Specifying what appears on each slide
      • Defining the Slide Master Layout
      • Defining the style of slide items
      • Using the Slide Master Ribbon
      • Saving Your Slide Master as a Template and using your template to create a new presentation

Auditing Tools

      • Proofing your presentation
      • Replacing one font with another
      • Using the AutoCorrect and AutoFormat tools

Running The Show

      • Navigation keys
      • Adding annotation during a show
      • Tricks of the trade

Linking Within a Live Presentation

      • Linking to other slides, other presentations, other files, web pages and emails
      • Hyperlinks – What are they?
      • Why to set up links in a presentation?
      • Creating a hyperlink
      • Hyperlink characteristics
      • Adding a screen-tip
      • Editing a hyperlink
      • Removing a hyperlink
      • Using Action Buttons
      • Returning to the link

Custom Animations

      • Adding a preset animation to your slide(s)
      • Making an entrance using custom animation
      • Changing an item’s animation
      • Removing an item’s animation
      • Exploring other animation steps
      • Previewing the animated slide
      • Customising the custom animation
      • Changing the animation sequence
      • Using a motion path animation
      • Using multiple animation steps
      • Further Tailoring a custom animation
      • Controlling animation speed
      • Animating with sound efects
      • Animating by sentence, word or letter
      • Animating a chart

Preparing For The Perfect Presentation

      • Rehearsing your timing
      • Recording a narration
      • Creating, running and editing a custom show
      • Setting up a slide show
      • Preparing speaker notes and handouts

Tips For Becoming a Better Presenter

      • The Statistics
      • The Three ‘M’s
      • The Mechanics
      • The Message
      • The Media