Beginners Excel Course

Duration: 1 day


This beginners Excel course is designed for users who have had little or no exposure to Microsoft Excel. It teaches the basic techniques that are required to put together a basic worksheet.

By the end of this 1 day course, participants will have the tools to enter a variety of data, create simple formulas, format the worksheet, create simple charts and be able to edit, save, retrieve and print their work.


Excel Fundamentals

      • Creating, saving closing, opening and renaming a workbook
      • Working with tabs and ribbons
      • Using Excel's Help Tools

Working With Rows, Columns & Cells

      • Working with text, numbers, dates and percentages
      • Selecting a cell, cell-range, row or column
      • Insert new rows or columns
      • Deleting rows or columns
      • Resizing rows or columns the smart way
      • Moving around a worksheet

Excel Formulas

      • Entering and editing a formula
      • Rules for formulas
      • Manipulating existing data
      • All the mistakes to watch out for
      • Formulas best practices

Using Basic Functions

      • Five basic functions - SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MIN, MAX
      • Adding together a group of numbers
      • Averaging a set of numbers
      • Counting how many numbers in a range
      • Finding the largest/smallest number in a range
      • Where to find and use other functions

Formatting a Worksheet

      • The Format Cells dialog box
      • Formatting a number or date
      • Aligning text
      • 45 degree text
      • Controlling text with word wrap and shrink to fit
      • Merging cells
      • Formatting the font
      • Superscript, subscript and strikethrough
      • Setting borders and shading
      • Using Format Painter to  replicate cell formatting quickly
      • Using the Format As Table feature
      • Using AutoFill and the AutoFill oprions
      • Inserting a picture or clipart
      • Changing the background

Copying and Moving Data

      • Cut, copy and paste
      • Drag and drop
      • The Windows Clipboard vs the Office Clipboard

Basic Auditing

      • Identifying and fixing formula errors
      • Spell check
      • Find and Replace
      • Using AutoCorrect and creating you own

Graphs and Charts

      • Creating a chart with one key press
      • Creating a chart using the Chart Ribbons
      • Changing the chart type
      • Setting the chart title
      • Labelling the chart axes
      • Turning the gridlines on or off
      • Showing or hiding the legend
      • Adding data labels
      • Showing the data next to the chart

Formatting a worksheet for printing

      • Setting a worksheet up for printing
      • Setting the page size and orientation
      • Setting the margins
      • Creating a simple header and footer
      • Printing column headers and rows labels on every page automatically
      • Changing the page breaks
      • Printing the whole worksheet or just a selection
      • Previewing the worksheet before printing